About iPower

iPower is an electricity generator licensed by the Commission for Regulation of Utilities in the Republic of Ireland and the Utility Regulator of Northern Ireland as both an Aggregated Generator Unit (AGU) and Demand Side Unit (DSU) business which operates in the Single Electricity Market (SEM) on the island of Ireland. 

iPower’s roots are in engineering lead design, installation and control of generation which was owned and operated iPower. This engineering expertise continues to be delivered to this day whether we are developing additional iPower owned generation or operating 3rd party generation which is owned by the consumer. 

Leading the way in Demand Side Management as the first registered DSU & AGU in Europe and as the 4th largest power station in Northern Ireland, we continue to grow as a market leading company with over 25 years experience in the development and remote operation and monitoring of generation. What makes iPower unique is the fact that we own more generation capacity than any other aggregator in Ireland.